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  • Rushing too fast. Your characters should have time to look around and talk to each other without being shoved into the next scene. It’s very easy to go too far in the other direction, so keep on your toes about pacing.
  • Starting two or more sentences in a row with the same word. Don’t do this unless you’re making a point (eg: Ten men entered the chamber. Ten men were found dead in the morning.).
  • Trying to fit in two versions of the same sentence. Don’t put “Ted watched him for a long time all night.” Put “Ted watched him for a long time” or “Ted watched him all night.”
  • Not knowing proper grammar. Look it up before you write anything.
  • Not finishing. Finishing is the most important part of writing. It’s fairly easy to start a story, and once you’ve finished, it’s fairly easy to edit, but finishing takes willpower. 


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